Canadian Legal Music Downloads

As more fans turn to the internet to get their share of mainstream music, record labels and artists are fighting for their own rights. The choice between shelling out $20 for a CD and getting any song you want for free, without even leaving your seat, is easy for most consumers.

But it’s the record labels that suffer—millions of dollars a year are lost to illegal music downloads. Canada has its own laws on copyright and piracy, but there are simply too many free mp3 download sites to track down one by one.

So what makes download legal, anyway?

A free Canada music download is considered legal if the material has been released into the public domain. This means that it’s no longer owned by the company or artist who made it. Music downloads Canada sites can only offer them for free if they have bought the rights from the record label.

Legal music downloads Canada sites almost always charge you per song or require you to get a paid membership. Some will offer a free trial period, but that doesn’t mean they’re legal, even if they start charging you after a while. One of the most reliable Canadian music download sources is iTunes, a music network launched by Apple for their iPod audio players.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you have to make sure the site doesn’t have any ads, or has only a few that won’t get in the way of your browsing. Remember, you’re not obligated to click on any ads—in fact, it’s best to ignore them as they tend to make false claims and lead you to scam sites.

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