Canadian Hip Hop Music Downloads

With its recallable beats and socio-political messages, hip hop remains to be one of the most loved musical genres today. The popularity of hip hop and its sub-genres, such as Canadian hip hop music, has also taken over the world of music downloads. Here are some Canadian hip hop music download sources:

Peer-to-peer networks

Although it still doesn’t allow the uploading of copyrighted materials, the Canadian government now allows Canadian hip hop music downloads via peer-to-peer networks. Fans of the reigning hip hop ambassador Kardinal Offishall can now download their very own digital copies of “Northern Touch” or “BaKardi Slang”. Examples of peer-to-peer network applications include Ares, BearShare, and LimeWire.

Torrent sites

Some of the most popular sources of music files, including Canadian hip hop music downloads, are torrent sites. Torrent sites refer to the websites that offer a collection of torrent files that contain downloadable media files. By visiting torrent sites, music fans can have free Canadian hip hop downloads of “Blood Music” or “We Fall, We Fall” from hip hop band Dead Celebrity Status. Examples of torrent sites include SumoTorrent and MiniNova.

Online music stores

People who are willing to pay for Canadian hip hop music downloads can look for their favorite songs in online music stores. Two of the most popular online music stores in Canada are iTunes Music Store Canada and Napster Canada. Some of the Canadian hip hop music downloads available via online music stores include “Never Enough (Money Love Me)” by Sweatshop Union and “Julie Will Jump the Broom” by Cadence Weapon.

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